Join WIF for an interactive member workshop with Jim Arnoff that will give you the Career Coach/Talent Agent Consultant's secrets to networking and pitching with results. Learn the tools to make the strongest connection quickly, create the most memorable interaction and how to follow up effectively. Gain insights on how to lose your shyness, insecurities and uncertainty around networking/pitching. Build your own brand of networking/pitching that will set you apart, embrace your personality and make networking/pitching effortless. You'll learn what it really takes to make a powerful pitch and networking connection. What are the pitfalls to avoid at all cost? How can you master the art of networking/pitching with your own style and personality? Hear tips on how to prepare, how to read the person you're networking/pitching, how to engage, how to anticipate every question. If you ever wondered what it really takes to network for powerful connections and gain the confidence to pitch with results this workshop is for you.


Monday, November 21 | 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. PT